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Bloomington, known as the "Gateway to Southern Indiana", is a town with a population of about 80,000 full time residents. Bloomington is also home to Indiana University. During the school year the city's population can grow by as many as 40,000 with the addition of the University students. There are many popular rental options for those who are living in the Bloomington area. Popular options for housing include homes near the University as well as the Downtown area. Whether you are a student or a full time resident, one thing is certain, Bloomington is a wonderful place to call home!

The History of Bloomington Homes for Sale Can Be Traced Back to the 17th Century: The first people who lived in the Bloomington area were a group of Miami people who arrived in the Bloomington area during the middle of the 15th century. Anthropologists believe these people were hunters and gatherers who broke into groups during the winter to hunt.

Most of the Miami people who lived in the Bloomington area were displaced by American and British forces during the American Revolution. This movement paved the way for the arrival of the first American settlers to the Bloomington area during the early 19th century.

Interest in Bloomington IN homes increased during the early 1820s after several settlers helped to establish Indiana University's Bloomington Campus near Bloomington's downtown area. This interest continued to grow during the middle of the 19th century after railroad service was established in the area. This interest in Bloomington IN homes encouraged the development of several furniture factories, limestone quarries and foundries that played an important role in Bloomington's economy for many years.

Bloomington's economy recovered from the Great Depression during the second half of the 20th century after the University of Indiana, business owners and city officials worked together to create thriving manufacturing, technology and pharmaceutical industries that are now centered around Bloomington's certified technology park. The value of these industries has been enhanced in recent years by several industries who employ many biologists and geneticists.

Bloomington is now a thriving Indiana city which offers a diverse array of properties for rent as well as many amenities including a diverse economy, a high-quality public school system and clean neighborhoods. These benefits make Bloomington IN rental properties a tremendous value for investors who wish to relocate to the Bloomington area.

For more information about the history of Bloomington homes and rental properties, please read this online article written by the Visit Bloomington Tourism Board.

Bloomington's Parks & Recreation Department Offers Many Recreational Facilities and Activities: The Bloomington Parks & Recreation Department offers many recreational facilities located near great rental homes, apartments and condominiums . Some of these Bloomington recreational facilities include the Winslow Sports Complex, an extensive urban hiking trail, a community golf course, a community garden, four community centers and additional 19 parks.

Moreover, Bloomington's Parks & Recreation Department offers many recreational activities. Some of these activities include golf lessons and gardening classes. Other popular recreational activities include tennis lessons, sailing classes, exercise classes and adult softball tournaments.

Bloomington Is Home to Many Fun Attractions: There are many fun attractions located near rental homes in Bloomington. Some of these attractions include Buskirk-Chumley Theater, the Dagom Gaden Tensung Ling Monastery, Fountain Square Mall and the Monroe County Fairgrounds.

Bloomington Is Also Home to Many Interesting Events: Bloomington is home to many interesting events that offer Bloomington residents a great way to learn about Bloomington's culture. Some of these events include the Fourth Street Festival of the Arts, the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show and the Lotus World Music and Arts Festival. For more information about other Bloomington-area events and attractions, please visit this website maintained by the Visit Bloomington Tourism Board.

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