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Real Estate Tips
First Time Buyers >Your Investment

Shelter is a very basic human need which most people accommodate by renting or buying a house or apartment. Rental property is often less-than-perfect. Tenants usually experience a rent increase every year or so and feel somewhat at the mercy of the owner. They don't necessarily feel a strong commitment to the property or the community.

Making a decision to buy a house is a major commitment, and the decision has both economic and emotional implications. Instead of paying the landlord's mortgage every month, homeowners pay their own mortgage and build up equity in their investment. When they paint, plant flowers or make improvements, their family reaps the benefits of a more beautiful environment. Homeowners are much more selective than renters about finding the perfect home, and their sense of personal satisfaction heightens the pride of ownership.

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Real Estate Trivia
What does "contingency" mean in real estate?

A contingency is a specified event that must take place before a home purchase contract is binding; for example, a sale can be said to be "contingent upon the sale of the buyer's current residence."
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